Our Dream


Hakamaa Sheep Farm is located in Central Finland, in a small village called Petäjävesi. The Story of the Farm began when a big city couple decided to change their lives and move to the countryside. They bought three small rams for their own domestic use, to be used as landscape artists, lawnmowers and finally, for meat.

Those rams were only the start of the Story as in the summer of 2011 the first four ewes were bought. In the spring 2012 the first lambs were born.

We started Hakamaa Sheep Farm from scratch and today we are very lucky to call this special place our home, a source of our livelihood, a place for people of all ages to get closer to nature, enjoy outdoors and experience real farm life through different events.

At the moment we have Finn sheep and Norwegian Rygja as our main breeds, but we also have quite many sheep of mixed breeds. Our main goal is to give all our animals a healthy and meaningful life, lots of quality food and most importantly, the loving care they deserve. Our animals stay healthy because of they are fed a natural, no-grain diet and have lots of space both indoors and outdoors.

At Hakamaa Sheep Farm we produce and sell meat and meat products, jams, an increasing amount of different herbs, and of course we arrange all kinds of activities and events. From our Farm Store, besides great meat, you can buy yarns from our own wool, some knitted items and sheep hides in natural colours. Please do not hesitate to contact us for order or more information!

Now Happening!

Midsummer 2017 The European culture TV channel was filming in our farm. The show is aired on Saturday 17th of February in Germany. In the program we cook Finnish summer foods, fly over Petäjävesi old church, which is an UNESCO site and visit Markkulan Marjatila, a berryfarm near us. You can find short clip from the show from this link.

The day at the Farm

Would you like to participate to all farm work instead of scrolling your mobile device or surfing in the web with your PC? Do you think you could enjoy carrying water for the sheep or cutting their wool? Just how relaxing that could be! Come and experience it yourself!

During the day at the farm you will get familiar with all the farm activities in general and sheep as farm animals in particular. You will learn about their well being and feel amazing your self while taking care of them. Of course you will have the opportunity to live like a local as you sit down with the family for a nice meal, cooked mainly from local products. In addition to sheep, you will meet and greet some chickens, ponies, working cats and working dogs.
 Persons: Min. 1 pax
 Contact and bookings : Phone number +358 40 506 5372
 Email : maija@hakamaanlammastila.fi
 Web: https://www.hakamaanlammastila.fi/