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Petäjävesi, Central Finland

The Hakamaa Sheep Farm

As a Guest of The Hakamaa Sheep Farm in Central Finland you are invited to experience the genuine and raw beauty of the Finnish Countryside. Get involved in the everyday life of our family farm where we care for our animals in an ecological and respectful manner. You are invited to join in in everyday countryside activities, spend time with our sheep and the other animas of the farm, and learn about sustainable sheep farming. A homemade lunch will be served, made out of local produce, and enjoyed in our atmospheric boutique shop space. And you do not have go home empty handed – You can buy selected local produce from our boutique to take back with you!

We look forward to welcoming you as our guest!

Maija and Samppa Suutarinen

Winter at Hakamaa Sheepfarm

Come and feel the serenity of darkness with us.

Winter is the time for relaxing.

From October to February it’s mostly dark, but the natural way of living makes You want to relax. You just need some good food, hot beverages, woolen socks, warm blankets and a cozy farm atmosphere. The Hakamaa Sheepfarm is a quiet, calm and relaxing place in winter, because the forest and the rest of the surrounding nature is a sleep and even the animals are mostly resting. You can book a group visit to our farm, eat at our lovely restaurant or just come and join us for a little nap with the sheep.


Get to know our farm

From the start, our goal has been to produce in an environmentally sustainable way, and paying close attention to preserving the biodiversity of the local area. At the Hakamaa Sheep Farm, every single sheep is valuable. Our flock of sheep includes the Common Finnish sheep, the somewhat rarer Rhinoceros, the Norwegian Rygja sheep that you can recognise from their hefty fleece, and combinations of these breeds.

Our Restaurant

We opened our restaurant in July 2021. We started with summer lunch but it was always a dream to have a really good place to sit and enjoy on weekends and evenings.

We use only the best ingredients we can get locally, so our menu varies. We use wild herbs, berries, local vegetables and meat from farms we really know. Our food is mainly vegetarian, we only use meat in our main course. We bake our own bread from local grains and flour and we have most of our herbs from our own gardens.

Because of the global situation, we hope You will book your table in advance:  by phone +358 40 506 5372 or via e-mail


The Hakamaa Farm Shop

In our Farm Shop you find locally, ethically and ecologically produced, high quality groceries, lamb fleece and sheep wool. We want to offer authentic and surprising culinary experiences, made from the very best Finnish ingredients. You will be enjoy trying out our quality jams and juices, as well as the delicacies made from our naturally grown sheep meat we prepare here at the Hakamaa Sheep Farm.

Visit Hakamaa sheep farm

Enjoy and relax in a tree tent

Enjoy and relax in a tree tent

Relax safely alone or with your family in the heart of nature. Lunch time and day rest in a tree at Hakamaa Sheep Farm.

The Cornerstones of Our Business

Ethicality and Fair Trade

The main underlying principle for both us and the farms we work with is that we put the wellbeing of both their people and animals in the centre of all the our operations. All our animals get to live a life typical for their species’ needs, and all our employees receive a fair compensation for their work. The prices of our products reflect these ethical standards and are set so that we can guarantee a sustainable and healthy food production both now and going forward.


We put a big emphasis on food hygiene and safety of our products. We strive to increase the quality and safety of our products primarily through smart use of technology, not by adding chemicals and preservatives. This is also reflected in the clear and informative labelling we have in all our products. Transparency is particularly important to us and we want to give our customers all the information they would want about how and where the produce they buy was made. After all, it is nice to know where and how the jam you add to your morning porridge was made.

A lot of natural taste, very little sugar

We strive for authenticity and deliciousness in our food, with as little added sugar as possible and preferably with no added preservatives. We think that we have done a good job here, as for example the amount of sugar added to our jams is very small compared to the typical supermarket jam.

Uncompromised style

Style matters! We want our products not only to be a real treat for your taste buds, but also visually pleasing. We put a lot of effort on the design of our product packaging and we are always in the lookout for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Our jams and juices are a joy to keep on display in your kitchen but they are also a great gifting idea, even for the most discerning friend.

The Hakamaa Sheep Farm is located in Petäjävesi, Central Finland. We are a truly different meat and food producer. Ethics, fairness, transparency and respect for the environment are the cornerstones of operations. We and all the farms we work with share the same values and principles of production where respect for the welfare of animals and the environment are in the centre.


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